Greg Valentine, Radio Personality, Valentine On The Radio, Seattle, 94.1 KMPS

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Greg Valentine Status Update: Jeanna just walked in with a couple aromatic bags of food and said. "Who wants Popeyes?!!" Unfortunately, she walked into an apartment two floors below us. #apartmentliving   Jan 2, 2017

Greg Valentine, The New 94.1 KMPS, Seattle  94.1 KMPS, SEATTLE
 Morning show fill-in with Gregg Hersholt!

Greg Valentine 99.9 Kiss Country, Miami  99.9 KISS COUNTRY, MIAMI
 This is how we do country in South Florida!

Greg Valentine, Snap! 94.1, Memphis  SNAP! 94.1, MEMPHIS
 Movin' with "The Morning Snap!"

Greg Valentine, Mix 106.5, Baltimore  MIX 106.5, BALTIMORE
 Hottest multi-demographic night show!

Greg Valentine, Q104, Cleveland  Q104, CLEVELAND
 Ride home with the coolest bands

Greg Valentine, Z95.7, San Francisco  Z95.7, SAN FRANCISCO
 Nights on fire in the "City-By-The-Bay"

Greg Marino, Greg Valentine, Mega 92.3, Los Angeles  MEGA 92.3, LOS ANGELES
 PM Drive in America's top-billing market!

Greg Valentine, 102.7 XYV, Baltimore  102.7 XYV, BALTIMORE
 Baltimore afternoons are a party!
 Click arrow to play, link to download. More airchecks.

Greg Valentine, Radio Personality, Seattle, 94.1 KMPS HI, I'M GREG VALENTINE...
and being on the radio is MyThing. Miami, Baltimore, Memphis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philly, Seattle and beyond!

Jessica Simpson, Greg Valentine, Interview JESSICA SIMPSON BARES ALL
I did one of the first interviews with the "gone country," Jessica Simpson.
Listen here

Greg Valentine, Hulk Hogan, Snap! 94.1, Memphis GREG VALENTINE VS. HULK HOGAN
The Hulkster roared into the studio and handed me my butt on live radio!
Hulk Hogan Web Promo

Jordin Sparks, Greg Valentine, Snap! 94.1, Memphis BACKSTAGE @ AMERICAN IDOLS LIVE
How old did Jordin Sparks just say she was when Kelly Clarkson won??

Tiffany, Greg Valentine, Snap! 94.1, Memphis BREAKFAST WITH TIFFANY
80s icon Tiffany would definitely kick Debbie Gibson's butt in a cage match! Watch the

Morning Snap! Trucker Makeover, Commercial Appeal, Memphis MORNING SNAP! TRUCKER MAKEOVER
We got a ton of press for this one. We overhaul a guy who's more used to the long haul!
Commercial Appeal article

Weird Al Yankovic, Greg Valentine, Mix 106.5, Baltimore "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC GUEST DJ
"Weird Al" takes over my show and counts down the hottest songs!
Listen here

Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens, Greg Valentine, Mix 106.5 RAY LEWIS GREAT MARYLAND DUCK DERBY
My thanks to Ray Lewis and the Ray Lewis Foundation for asking me to emcee the event for the second year.

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