New Glambert 'For Your Entertainment'
Posted October 30, 2009
What kind of music would Adam Lambert, the theatrical rocker whose vocal histronics nearly took him the distance, make after American Idol?

From the sounds of it, the Idol runner-up has landed directly in the center of the contemporary pop/rock worlds.

For Your Entertainment (below) is the first single from Lambert's debut album. It's produced by Dr. Luke, mastermind of some of the biggest hits of the last five years.

FYE comes on the heels of Lambert's contribution to the 2012 soundtrack, Time For Miracles (below), a epic rock ballad that Aerosmith probably would've been asked to record ten years ago.

GaGa's Back With 'Bad' (Good!) New Track
Posted October 19, 2009
"Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Ro mah ro-mah-mah! Gaga Oo-la-la!" It's with that joyful jibber jabber Lady GaGa launches into her new single, Bad Romance.

And I haven't been this entertained by a performer's gibberish since Adam Sandler's movie called...uh, well any of his movies!

Bad Romance is classic GaGa. It's damn catchy and destined for earworm status in the months ahead. Take a listen (below) to the finished, official mix of the song.

Lady GaGa's album The Fame is getting the re-release treatment with eight new songs and a new title, according to reports. The Fame Monster drops on 11/23. Here's the album artwork.

'New' Michael Jackson Song
Posted October 12, 2009
This Is It. Well, hopefully it isn't it-it. There's gotta be some Michael Jackson jams in those archives just waiting for the chance to bust out.

But instead of speculating about the songs we aren't hearing, let's talk about the one we are.

It's a ballad called This Is It, released just a few hours ago by Michael's estate. To me, it sounds like a demo. Definitely not something Michael finished in his lifetime. I'm guessing the strings and background vocals (by Michael's brothers) were recorded in the last couple months.

Two versions of This Is It (both below) will be on the soundtrack to the documentary by the same name. Even though it's not ground-breaking, what do you think of it?

It's growing on me the more I hear it. But there was a time I only needed to hear an MJ song once to know I loved it!

Update: It turns out This Is It was a collaboration between Michael and songwriter Paul Anka. The recording is a demo made in 1983. The Anka album it was intended for never came out. Later, Anka gave the song to singer Sa-Fire, who released it in 1991 with the title I Never Heard. CNN has more on the story.

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