Randy Jackson Slaps Some Bass On 'Pants'
Posted January 20, 2010
American Idol's number one awg, Randy Jackson, joined Jimmy Fallon last night for the musical awesomosity that is "Pants On The Ground" (below).

Brett Favre 'Pants' In The Locker Room
Posted January 18, 2010
Not sure Brett Favre gets all the words right during yesterday's locker room celebration and impromtu rendition of "Pants On The Ground."

But it's hard to agrue with the final score. The Vikings beat the Cowboys 34-3.

On the other side of the ball, Tony Romo proved he can suck in the playoffs without Jessica Simpson.

"Neil Young" Covers 'Pants On The Ground'
Posted January 15, 2010
What would "Pants On The Ground" sound like if Neil Young sang it? Well, It would go a little something like this...

(Thank you, Jimmy Fallon!)

Pant-emonium For 'Pants On The Ground'
Posted January 14, 2010
"Pants on the ground. Pants on the ground. Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground." Okay, so General Larry Platt is a few years over the cut-off age. Thirty-four, to be exact. But despite age, and dubious vocals skills, this guy was the big hit on American Idol last night. Brilliant!

Check out Larry's performance below (remixes and original), and Idol Thoughts for my recap of the festivities.

Idol Contestant Ashley Rodriguez
Posted January 13, 2010
Last night on the season premier of American Idol, the judges had high praise for a pretty singer named Ashley Rodriguez who auditioned with a solid version of Alicia Keys', "If I Ain't Got You."

It was good. But I wanted to hear more. I've been sucked in before. In front of those judges, contestants are sometimes singing the one song they know! The one they've practiced over-and-over until is sounds decent. That's why so many fall flat come Hollywood Week. Some are just not up to the task of learning a new song quickly and sounding fantasic doing it.

So anyway, I did a search on Ashley Rodriguez. And found quite a lot, including a write-up in USA Today. She's a student at Boston's reknown Berklee College of Music. Ashley has several music performances posted on YouTube (see one below), some under her stage name, "Ashley Makailah."

Anyway, she's the real deal. She got a Golden Ticket, of course. Hollywood bound, and I say a shoo-in for the Top 12.

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